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Qualified team of telecommunication and IT experts provides reliable and flexible Number Portability turnkey solutions based on modern technologies, leading international experience and best professional practices. 

NUMLEX – is a new generation number portability solution with CRDB and clearinghouse functionality that caters for the various requirements of each country’s regulations. 

Our  Number Portability services cover consulting, development, implementation and the administration of Number Portability Solutions.

NP solution NUMLEX

  • Smart and modular
  • Reliable and safe
  • Visual and customer friendly
  • Flexible and easy-to-integrate 
  • Strengthened by professional's team

Consultation Areas

  • NP legislation and packages for public procurement (including tech specs)
  • Effective country numbering plan management 
  • Time schedules management
  • Project management (risk management, change management)
  • Quality assurance and supervising of NP solutions performance

Implementation Milestones

  •  Adaptation of NP solutions according to the local requirements 
  •  Fast change management 
  •  Installation of NP solution (technical platform & software) 
  •  Management of connection with operators’ existing technical infrastructure 
  •  Acceptance and testing 
  •  Training of the operators' agents 
  •  Commercial launch

Successful projects 

  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) on February 2011 in Georgia
  • Fixed Number Portabily (FNP) on December 2011 in Georgia
  • MNP and FNP on July 2013  in Moldova
  • MNP in Azerbaijan on August 2013
  • MNP on December 2013 in Russia
  • MNP and FNP on August 2015 in El Salvador
  • MNP on September 2015 in Senegal
  • MNP and FNP on January 2016 in Lithuania
  • MNP on January 2016 in Kazakhstan
  • MNP on June 2016 in Tunisia
  • MNP and FNP on January 2017 in Georgia

Administration topics 

  • Technical maintenance of NP solutions 
  •  Management of availability compliance within defined parameters 
  •  Troubleshooting according to approved SLA 
  •  Local, native-speaking Help Desk 
  •  Guidance on NP service to operators’ agents 
  •  Change management (including configuration changes) 
  •  Access to second level support team 

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