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Number Portability services

Our Number Portability services cover consulting, development, implementation, and the administration of Number Portability Solutions.

Consulting areas

  •  NP legislation and packages for public procurement (including technical specifications)
  •  Effective country numbering plan management
  • Time schedules management
  • Project management (risk management, change management)
  • Quality assurance and supervising of NP solutions performance

Development and implementation milestones

  • Adaptation of NP solutions according to the local requirements (legal, functional, technical)
  • Fast change management 
  • Installation of NP solution (technical platform & software) 
  • Management of connection with operators’ existing technical infrastructure 
  • Acceptance and testing
  • Training of the operators' agents 
  • Commercial launch

Administration topics

  • Technical maintenance of NP solutions (technical platforms & software) 
  • Management of availability compliance within defined parameters 
  • Troubleshooting according to approved SLA 
  • Local, native-speaking Help Desk 
  • Guidance on NP service to operators’ agents 
  • Change management (including configuration changes) 
  • Access to second level support team for change management and consultations

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