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Description of Number portability solution

NUMLEX—a new generation number portability solution with unique benefits which were created in accordance of practical needs of operators and National regulation authorities. Providing smart, modular, reliable, safe, flexible, and for these reasons, easy-to-integrate solutions, NUMLEX caters for the various requirements of each country’s regulations.

 Main functionality

  • NP Clearinghouse functionality for centralized order processing.
  • NP Central Reference Database (CRDB) functionality for synchronization with NP local DBs. 
The routing data in CRDB are available for all ported numbers in country (Mobile, Fixed, & Premium, Freephone). CRDB data can be used by any network operator or service provider for the data synchronization. Basic functionality is available for numbering plan management.


The NUMLEX system is very scalable product, which consist of separate functional modules. Each module is responsible for a dedicated functionality. In addition to the basic NUMLEX functionality it can be easily extended using API. A set of new separate products are available for such integration under NUMLEX FAMILY program.

Technical characteristics 

  • Reliable 99.9% service up time; 
  • Secure communication lines, protocols and data room for equipment;
  • Disaster recovery site;
  • Multilingual user interface;
  • SOAP, WEB GUI and SFTP interfaces; 
  • Module based architecture and open standards;
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous validations;
  • VNO ready.

Porting process management

NUMLEX is process based system for developing and operating of very complex processes of Number portability. Today solution is a unique tool combining flexibility and performance. A set of the processes for several different porting scenarios is created. Each scenario is well tested for different external factors like specific requirements from the regulation authorities or from the operators. Several totally different NP scenarios can run on the same system without any interference and can be easily combined later to get one common solution (mobile portability MNP, fixed portability FNP, and combined portability- MNP-FNP). 

Numbering plan management 

NUMLEX provides the convenient tool for efficient numbering plan management. This flexible, easy configurable and user friendly facility is designed for the communication regulation authorities as well as for operators and is included as the separate module in to NUMLEX WEB GUI. 

  • Define new number range; 
  • Assign number type (Fixed, Mobile, CDMA fixed, VoIP and etc.);
  • Assign status (Allocated, Blocked, Free, Reserved, NotInUse and etc.); 
  • Assign range holder;
  • Merge several existing ranges into one;
  • Split one existing to several new ranges;
  • Show history number range changes;
  • Show history for number portings;
  • Validate all changes to Numbering plan according set rules;
  • Restrict defined changes for the ranges, which include ported numbers.

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