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NUMLEX family

NUMLEX FAMILY - is set of data bases that can meet the requirements of numbering resources management and specific services providing in any country of the world.


The NUMLEX family consists of:

  • NP CDB - The NUMLEX centralised Number Portability processes management engine with a secure and reliable repository of ported numbers and applicable porting data, ensuring various interfacing options with external systems. 
  • Numbering Plan - The NUMLEX centralised repository and procedures management tool of the national Numbering Plan allows the storing, accessing, management, and billing of complex national numbering resources at every unique number level.
  • SIM CDB - A SIM card registration solution for the automation of the centralised process for verifying and storing mobile phone numbers and personal information of a subscriber, by a service provider.
  • ENUM DB - A number portability solution for numbers moving within the IP network and to the PSTN using ENUM mappings in the existing DNS system.

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